In combination with the environment and comfort, living in our homes will give you not only comfort, but also a new, an unforgettable quality of life.
Living in a wooden house made of glued beams creates a favorable emotional state, promotes psychological relief, reduces stress, and the smell of fresh wood not only calms, but also heals, thanks to the huge amount of essential oils and other substances contained in the wood.
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    It is known that many construction materials can cause allergic reactions, especially among children. However, wood is a natural and environmentally friendly product that does not have a negative effect on the human body, unlike other materials.
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    Our logs have high heat-insulating characteristics. Wooden walls accumulate warm air and evenly allocate it within doors, keeping the optimum balance of humidity. It is possible to heat such room quickly and easily in winter and it will never be too hot during summer. Therefore log houses are ideal both for permanent residence and for the weekend or holiday stay. Laminated log house durability is higher than that of a full-log house. Wood compression is a result of gluing the graded lamellas under the pressure. That's why laminated log construction of the house has correct geometry and increased load bearing capacity.
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    Wood is completely renewable natural resource. In addition laminated log production requires 50% less energy consumption than concrete production and 80% less than brick production, therefore air pollution is very low.
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    Tiaga logs have all the natural qualities of wood including natural air exchange and vapor permeability. And that is the reason we can tell our wooden houses "breathe". This ability of wood allows to pass outside any harmful gasses that may become present indoors.
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    Your house reliability is essential. What does reliability consist of? Resistance to the environment's harshest conditions: snow, even in the snowiest years; the wind, including hurricanes; rain showers; extreme frost.
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    Laminated log house requires no time for shrinkage (average shrinkage is about 1%). This allows to begin finishing all work right after installing all of supporting construction and build houses any time of the year.
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    Log house assembly time is incomparably less than the terms of house construction using other technologies. At Taiga log house assembly with prepared foundation doesn't exceed 4-6 weeks.
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    Tiaga logs' high aesthetic characteristics allow to completely refuse using of finishing materials. Our logs is a finished facade material. Laminated log can be used in a house interior as well: you can keep the natural wood texture or paint walls any color.
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    Laminated log fire resistance is 10 times higher than fire resistance of other wooden housing construction technologies and metal. Metal becomes soft and starts losing the bearing properties when temperature increases. When fire starts the houses built of gas concrete or foam concrete blocks collapse. When wood catches on fire on one side due to its thermal conductivity the other side does not even heat up. Another important quality of wood it does not produce toxic fumes when burning, therefore allows enough time for people to leave a burning house.
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    Natural flexibility of wood provides for incredible seismic stability of our houses. Assembly of a log house is done by inserting long vertical metal bolts through the walls from the bottom all the way up. Therefore our wooden houses are very stable even during strong earthquakes.
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    A 15-year house kit warranty is not empty words. Behind this are smart solutions that keep all elements of the house in working condition for a long time. The lifetime of a house is most affected by moisture, which affects all structures. Moisture appears in the form of precipitation and in the form of condensation inside the house. Therefore, ventilation of wet areas and proper selection of vapor barrier films are crucial. We have developed special roof structures that additionally protect rafters, insulation, and logs from getting wet. In addition, annual checks by professionals are required to prevent premature aging and maintain the house in perfect condition for many years to come.
Choose the project you like. Based on this, we will develop an individual planning solution for you. If you have not found a suitable project, contact us - we will offer you an alternative!
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